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Wij houden ons er aan gezien de sector de meeste communicatie in het Engels te voeren. Aarzel niet om ons te contacteren in het Nederlands.
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Des que le secteur on utilise l'Anglais le plus que possible. Notre site est en Anglais mais n'hésite pas de nous contactez en français.
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Given our sector and main company style we will have a preference for the English terms and explanations. 

" Finally ! " - I can hear you saying -
Well indeed, for me too it's Finally time to be selfemployed. I've been thinking about it for a long time and I guess there never was a right time to startup. But as from today we are here and we are here to stay !
IT, Consultancy, Management Services, Training, Support, International... All powerful English terms that are derived from our line of work. All these strong words would lose a lot of meaning by translating these and other terms to another language. That and the fact that English is a well known international language make’s it our company's standard. 
ZEB Systems

Official Startup @ Q4 - 2008

Approval and activation as EZ

Launching Web-Site basics

Dividing Belco & ZEB Systems
-> Adapt website

1y after startup - evaluation
Belco & ZEB Systems, divided it is.
-> still need tot adapt site
- All systems under construction -
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